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It is with great excitement for us to unveil The Silent Barn’s Winter 2013 Fundraising Campaign to our fantastic community of supporters! As we pass the first anniversary of our 10-year commitment to our new building, we cannot help but be excited about all of the projects, installations, and performances that can be created here over the remaining decade. To assure that the Silent Barn dream continues, we are working to raise $20,000 by January 1st, 2014, which will finish renovations, strengthen our infrastructure, and enable us to continue offering diverse programming in the new year. We are seeking your support, as our community, to help us raise achieve this goal. Your donation will help to complete the last of our startup costs, investing in the Silent Barn's infrastructure for years to come. In gratitude, your donation to the Silent Barn is tax-deductible through our non-profit fiscal sponsor, Flux Factory, and you will receive an exclusive donor gift currency that brings you artworks, records, tshirts, beer, entry to shows, tea blends, haircuts, craft supplies, noise friends, cassette tapes, and many great gifts made by the Silent Barn family.


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The Silent Barn is a multi-functional all-ages art incubation space in an outer borough of New York City. It operates a daily all-ages events venue, facilitating music, performing arts, and other events; it acts as an experimental sandbox for a wide variety of social and interactive projects; and it hosts a residency program for artists of all ages who may benefit from living in the center of public art and performance activity.

The Silent Barn is the living body of a whirlwind of symbiotic relationships between events, interactive installations, residents, and audience that simultaneously make the Silent Barn their home. Performance programs and other event programs at the Silent Barn bring a daily stream of exposure, discussion, feedback, and organic growth of experimental community projects. The presence of these openly interactive projects cultivate a healthy and curious audience, and make the Silent Barn a continuously evolving and uniquely multi-functional event space for performing artists. The residents of the Silent Barn share their living and kitchen space with these performances and art projects, extending a chamber music like intimacy and feeling of welcome to both performers and audience members, and encouraging a level of accessibility to art that can be life-changing to an all-ages community. The residency program also subsidizes the building operational costs, enabling event and art curators the financial freedom to pioneer unexplored currents in art.

Venue Rentals: Studio Rentals: Performance Booking:
Day time and special event rentals can be reserved at the Silent Barn. To rent the Silent Barn click here. Deposit is required. The Silent Barn has studios for rent! Rent is based on square footage and is subsidized by Silent Barn programs. To apply to rent a studio click here. To book a performance at Silent Barn click here. The Silent Barn does not charge bookers a flat use fee but takes a percentage from the door. To learn about our tax-deductible donations program, click here.